Monday, January 11, 2010

Ashley tisdale nude pics. crazy stuff.

Ashley tisdale nude pics. Some Pictures:

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Ashley Tisdale V Vanessa Hudgens? Which do you prefer? Personally, before the outbreak nude, I use to go crazy for Vanessa Anne Hudgens, but after his accident nude, I do still like her, but not by as much as I love ashley hours! I also think that more people like Vanessa more cos she has taken the lead role of Gabriella in HSM and this gave her more of a chance to display his vocal range, while the songs are REALLY Sharpay cheese and not as Gabriellas songs Reasons Ashley 1. Doesn't take nude pics 2. Her songs are new and in particular a smooth stroke and He Said She Said (and if u havent heard them, go on youtube. Theyll Brill!) 3. He's a more beautiful in real life. in interviews, Ashley talks about her friends and family and thank all those who supported her as she talks mostly about her Vanessa crushes. Reasons for Vanessa 1. Her songs sound better on HSM (but only cos Gabriella on HSM songs are much better songs Sharpays) but sound terrible (or trivial as my mother is described) for her album V
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